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Houston covers a vast amount of land, and each neighborhood possesses its own charm and personality. Whatever you personally are looking for in a home, there’s a place for you in Houston. There are so many niche communities that it might even be daunting for someone new to the area, but it doesn’t have to be.


Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods that only seem to keep growing:



The Memorial Villages remind residents of neighborhoods with a community feel, the kind where next-door neighbors actually spent time with each other and kids played in the backyards. Not only does the neighborhood offer great restaurants and shopping, but it also is great for the outdoorsy folks thanks to the private lakes at Sandalwood. Though known for being a bit pricey, Memorial is a great option to those who can afford it.


Garden Oaks/Oak Forest

One of the biggest draws for families looking to live in Garden Oaks is, hands down, the wonderful schools—particularly the neighborhood Montessori school. These homes are modest but spacious, offering the right mix of urban life and suburban charm.


Sugar Land

Sugar Land offers a culturally diverse upbringing for anyone looking to raise a family here. There’s plenty of space to spread out and always lots of activities available to the community to participate in. The community’s six lakes and hiking trails serve as a fun weekend destination for many, and the overall sense of safety and security and diversity are a big selling factor for this part of town.


East End

In a word, East Enders describe their neighborhood as eclectic, but in the best possible way. Diverse and open-minded, East End attracts people from all over looking to form a community. Residents enjoy participating in the Sunday East End Street Market and generally interacting with each other, rather than keeping to themselves. There’s a real sense of belonging and spark of life.



If you’re looking for a quieter community, away from the buzz of downtown Houston, Bellaire might be the place. Bellaire offers a peaceful, insulated alternative to the city without sacrificing distance, but with far less traffic. The neighborhood has lots of great restaurants to try out, as well as walking and biking paths. Albeit for a price that might be out of range for some families, overall, there’s more than enough comfort and style to go around here.