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About Alvin Hope Johnson

Alvin Hope Johnson has been in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. Starting out as a handyman selling painting and repair services door to door, Alvin grew his entrepreneurial skills into an empire. He currently serves as the President of Hope Housing Foundation, an affordable housing company that offers beautiful, well maintained, and safe properties. Alvin also serves as President of Assertive Management Group, LLC, a privately owned property management firm that helps to support the foundation.

Alvin Hope Johnson started his real estate career almost by accident. While struggling at a young age to make ends meet and picking up odd jobs here and there, Alvin continued to take the skills he learned along the way and parlay them into new opportunities. Starting out as a local handyman, Alvin eventually became a general contractor, and from there, Alvin began learning about property development and mortgages. He spent 12 years in the mortgage business and ran several successful firms. He soon realized that all of these seemingly separate industries were all part of a larger opportunity in real estate. When you know every single aspect of what goes into building a safe and stunning home, it will help you to sell that safe and stunning home. Alvin focused on doing just that in order to bring a sense of community to those in need. As a way of providing affordable renovation to the developments that Hope Housing Foundation has purchased, a general contracting firm was birthed. That company, Empowered Services of Texas is also led by Alvin, who is a licensed General Contractor in the State of Louisiana.

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Alvin Hope Johnson’s Story Continues

As the need for more leadership skills was realized to guide the associates of Hope Housing, Assertive Management Group and Empowered Services, Alvin became John Maxwell certified.  This certification has given him a strong public speaking and coaching foundation that has allowed him to share his success stories with many different groups of investors, realtors, developers, mortgage companies, and community leaders. Of course, many will be inspired by Alvin’s success stories, but what Alvin Hope Johnson really wants to do is empower leaders within the real estate community to be able to grow their businesses in the right ways. Alvin has served in every single aspect of real estate and knows that much of his success is due to his well-rounded training.

Community is very important to Alvin. He loves what he does and wants everyone to know it. You’ll often find him on the job sites of his housing projects, checking in to see how things are developing and also to connect with everyone involved with the project. He’s a very hands-on boss, and believes it’s important for his employees and clients to see that enthusiasm from the top of the command-chain all the way down. This is yet another life lesson that Alvin Hope Johnson wants to share with his audiences, and one that he sees as incredibly important particularly in the real estate industry.

Through his work with affordable housing, Alvin Hope Johnson has been able to offer ESL services, meals for kids, backpacks\schools supplies  and after school programs for his tenants. Not only is he building properties, Alvin is building homes. He strives to make his tenants feel like they are gaining skills that will break the cycle of systemic violence and lack of opportunities for those who need them most.


For more about Alvin Hope Johnson, his foundation, and his work in the real estate industry, visit his blog, located here.

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