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The property sector has experienced tremendous change over the last decade. The new technologies are affecting the way that the realtor operates. New entrants to the field are giving customers more options to choose from when trading properties. Check out five trends disrupting the real estate sector in 2018 and beyond.


Blockchain technology is behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The innovation is effectively a devolved database that ensures data integrity and property recording. Real estate agents are investing in blockchain to reduce fraud. The system enables them to acquire detailed data on individual homeowners and properties. Property companies will have to change the current status quo to integrate the application into their workflows.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies help to improve customer experience with the agents. The clients can take a virtual tour of a building to check on its composition from any location. AR aids potential buyers to visualize how a house will look like with household items, hence increasing the probability of them acquiring it.

AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning

Real estate firms ought to integrate the three technologies to enjoy their efficiency. AI process data through the machine learning procedure and identify new patterns. The systems help property entities to foresee trends likely to affect their margins. Agents get comprehensive details of a housing market allowing them to react accurately to trending issues.

Chat Bots

Chatbots are an artificial intelligence that processes natural languages in various industries. Real estate executives use the system to empower clients and check what is available in the market. It provides solutions to queries about property availability and prices. They are the right applications to process customer questions throughout the day as the system works without tiring.

Peer to Peer Communication

Peer to peer communication has been in existence for many years. The internet has enhanced the trend due to the introduction of networking sites and discussion forums. It is hard for people to contact property owners without bypassing mediators. Real estate entities use the platforms to interact and promote their properties.

Innovation affects all industries including the real estate. Property firms should stay updated on the future trends by reading tech blogs. Use the 80/20 approach in case of a new technology to spend 80 percent of your time on existing activities and 20 percent on the new system.